Komm... jetzt... mach...

Hi friend,

the next weeks could be the worst of your life. Honestly that's not the truth, but you will feel like this, I'm sure. (I'm safe, I mean ;)) 

I'll give you 4 promises. The first: You can trust me, when I say, that these weeks are gone faster then you think. You know, that's true because I'm really wise ;)

The second: You will rock this exam! Maybe you are not that sure, but I am! Not because you are so smart or ambitious or crafty but for heavens sake: you are the biggest wonk in the world ;) - no, honestly, you' ve got the strength of will. That' and a little luck will help you to get what you deserve!

The third: You can trust me again, when I say, I'll be there for you!

I can't help you with the whole school bullshit - sorry for that but I'm just a bookseller - but you can call me, when you want to get drunk a little bit or if you want to get drunk and never get sober again, you can call me, when you need someone to talk or to scream or what ever, and you definitly can call me, when you have to break someones leg or neck ;)

The forth: You won't hear a "i said it before" or "you knew it before" or "it was your own decision" again! :)

Sie sind Besucher Nr.

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